I’m a paediatrician. I work in South London and live in Oxfordshire. As a result I spend a lot of time on my bike or on a train.

I mainly do developmental paediatrics in the over 5s, so see a lot of ADHD, ASD and the like. Partly as a result of this I’m very interested in mental health (in its broadest sense) and quite soon I’ll be taking on the role of convenor for the Paediatric Mental Health Association (link)

I’m also the doctor for my local educational authority, which has drawn me into some quite interesting SEN policy areas.

I’m interested in ethics too, and the way ethical problems crop up away from acute situations (and in psychopharmacology)

Finally, I’m a bit of a lefty. Never used to be, but everyone else seems to be moving rightwards, so I guess that’s what happens when you stay still.

I do twitter: @maxdavie

My old blog is at maxdavie.posterous.com. But it was annoying


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Max

    I just had a look at your site.I like it a lot

    I am an Australian author and psychologist. I have recently released a book on parenting and we have also just launched one of Australia’s first parenting e-courses. You can find out more about me at my author website – http://www.michaelhawton.com under About Michael 

    I am wondering if I should send you a copy of my book for review or a look at?

    Let me know – and maybe your address – and we can go from there if you’re interested.

    Kinds regards,

    MIchael Hawton, MAPS..

  2. Hi Max
    I have just seen a link to your blog on Special Needs Jungle. I am sure you are extremely busy, but I am a third-year degree student working on my next assignment for the module entitled ‘Contemporary Childhood Issues’ and I was hoping for your input. I am doing research linking mental health/psychological wellbeing and resilience. I appreciate it’s a huge topic, but wondered if you might spare a few minutes to give me your professional thoughts on whether teaching (either implicitly or explicitly) the skill of resilience is something schools can do, and if it is helpful for mental health/psychological wellbeing in the long-term. Best wishes, Kerry.

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