Doin’ it for the kids

Single issue voting had a bad press, perhaps because people find it odd that someone would align themselves politically according to whose policy on local parking is most to their liking, or whatever. But I’ve realised in this campaign that I’m a single issue voter, more or less, but my issue is children.

Partly this is professional. I’m a paediatrician, and so very aware of the impact of social and economic factors on children’s well-being. I know, for instance, that child poverty is a huge driver of ill health, both physical and mental, and that the removal of much of the early intervention safety net (such as health visiting and sure start) has been a disaster for families who are already struggling.

But the issue is also about schools, who are simultaneously squeezed financially, and pushed into being dour exam factories, making them rapidly less healthy places to be.

And it’s about families- most people have found the last few years tougher and tougher, with merciless cuts to working age support and stagnating wages, and all this stress and disruption will eventually find its way to kids.

Of course, as we are constantly reminded, support for the vulnerable relies on a strong economy, and there are genuine disagreements about the balance between balancing the books by restricting funding, and investing for growth (although the last 10 years gives a pretty convincing case for the latter).

Wherever you stand on this, though, presumably you don’t feel we can afford the £66bn cost of Brexit... oh, you think we can?  Then presumably a few quid for better child services might not be beyond us? After all, either you want to pay down the debt, or you don’t.

Finally, there’s no point supporting children through the early years to hand them a world ravaged by the climatic, political and humanitarian catastrophe that climate change will turn into unless we act now.

So, we need politicians willing to swallow pride over Brexit, reduce child poverty, ensure decent services, release pressure on schools, genuinely support those ‘just about managing’, and stand up to the troglodytes opposing climate change.
Which party? Well, that’s up to you, but I can think of a couple that this checklist really counts out…..


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